Cavity Free for Life Program

Through the Cavity Free for Life Program, a dental hygienist will place sealants on the chewing surface of your healthy teeth, protecting them from future decay. Participants in the program who stay current with their dental hygiene visits will never pay for fillings if decay occurs on tooth surfaces that were treated. Enrollment in the Cavity Free for Life program is only $150.00 per patient.

Whitening For Life Program

Our office will make custom take-home teeth whitening trays for participants in the Whitening For Life Program.  Patients will received two tubes of whitening gel at each dental hygiene appointment as long as they stay current with their recommended visits.  Enrollment is only $150 per patient.

Diamond Smile Club

The Diamond Smile Club provides patients all the benefits of the Cavity Free for Life Program plus the Whitening for Life Program. Enrollment in the Diamond Smile Club is $250.00.

These special programs may be purchased independently or combined with theSmileMore Dental Savings Plan. Enroll in the SmileMore Dental Savings Plan now.