A SmileMore membership pays for itself on the very first visit comprehensive visit. Click here to see Sample Savings. We’ve provided sample discounts to demonstrate how much you can save with the SmileMore Dental Saving PlanTM.

Please see our chart below for a summary of the savings your membership provides. Every time you visit our office, your SmileMore Dental Savings PlanTM guarantees a great value on the treatments you receive.

TreatmentSmileMore Discount
Comprehensive Exams

Limited, Periodic and Emergency Exams

Full-Mouth or Panoramic X-Rays

Periapical X-Rays

Adult Cleaning

Child Cleaning

Crowns and Buildups


Dental Implants

IV Sedation

Cosmetic Procedures

15% Discount
White (Composite) Fillings

Periodontal Procedures

Oral Surgery

Endodontic Treatments

20% Discount
Orthodontic TreatmentsUp to $500 Discount