A SmileMore membership pays for itself on the very first comprehensive visit. A new patient who visits our office for only exams and cleanings can expect to save the following:

New Patient Comprehensive VisitCustomary FeesSmileMore Fees
SmileMore Membership$249.00
Comprehensive Exam$83.00Free
Full Mouth Series of X-Rays$167.00Free
Dental Cleaning (Initial Treatment)$87.00$15.00
TOTAL$337.00 $264.00
Initial Visit Savings $73.00
6 Month Check-UpCustomary FeesSmileMore Fees
Periodic Exam$49.00Free
Dental Cleaning$87.00$15.00
TOTAL$197.00 $15.00
Additional Savings $182.00

The same SmileMore member that receives the above services and also needs a root canal, build-up and crown additionally saves:


Restorative VisitCustomary FeesSmileMore Fees
Limited Exam$65.00$0.00
Periapical X-ray$30.00$0.00
Root Canal – Molar$950.00$760.00
Crown Build-up$250.00$212.50
Porcelain to Metal Crown$1095.00$930.75
Additional SmileMore Savings$486.75